Barrys Studio

Barrys Studio

The Morning Post

As the morning Post displays its convictions,

so does my trial amongst fellow addictions.


For such news continues to reflect social change,

my soul is suspended in the abyss judging nothing more than strange.


Once loved and passionate against will,

rise a wrath unknown to nature or throughout the country side bastilles.


For the three faces of eve has never been so sinner,

pain swims in these veins rising to condemn her pinner.


Will love ever again enter these gates and release my fey,

or will the sun rise to express my suicide for the morning Post to make way.


The Storm

I wish a storm would come and blow this shit away,

or a bomb to burn the towns and scour the seas.


I wish we wouldn't think so much about what to do in society,

but instead give, or leave society when gone.


For these demons paralyze your soul in knowing who you are,

how you feel,

what gifts your born with,

and why you are here.


We come in with best intentions,

but addictions get the best of us.

Did Dionysus have it right?



New Love

She never told me about love,

but it feels so free.


She caresses my soul,

but burns like a flee.


So when the flee shall die,

thus shall the past.


Throw a kiss toward my new wife,

to create time and end this track.



Two hearts collide,

causing the unknown to rip the flesh off your soul.


The other willows and weeps,

while searching thru poetry but not your feet.


Standing still against time,

while bringing death upon your shrine.


I wait for my next sunshine,

to heal my heart and change my mind.


For could it be,

yes it must be,

just a little too late for me.


Soul Mates

It is funny how the world twists and turns,

creating illusions as if it were meant to be.


Thou our age may differ,

one's soulful shrine cries for the next sunshine connected within thee.


Perhaps it is disillusioned with grandeur,

for could it be.


A nasty trick from the Gods looking down on me.


For is such beauty burning deep from within thee,

birthed specifically for me or to be shared amongst three.


Copyright © 2010 Barry. All rights reserved.