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October  10'


This Months Highlight  
First Place - Centre Gallery - Juried Show


Personal Note   Procrastination

Not acting when the time is right is a self-defeating behavior. It produces anxiety, guilt, disharmony, and a nagging consciousness of the task that life is telling us it's time to do . . . More

February  10'


This Month Painting   The Climb


Personal Note   Start Living . . . Again!

Have some fun. Loosen up a bit. Enjoy life!

We do not have to be so somber and serious. We do not have to be so reflective, so critical . . .

December 09'


This Month Painting   Tropical Silhouette


Personal Note   The Importance Of Money

We cannot afford to allow our focus in life to be money. That will not lead us

into the abundance we are seeking. Usually, it will not even lead to financial

stability. . . More

November 09'


This Month Painting   The Crab Shack 2


Personal Note   Reflection

Life happens when you are busy making plans. . . More

October 09'


This Month Painting   The Spa


Personal Note   Asking For What We Need

Decide what it is you want and need, then go to the person you need it from

and ask for it. . . More

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