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December News Letter


December 1, 2009                                                              

This Month Painting Tropical Silhouette

 Click here for detail on how this painting was produced.




Self Port 2005


The Importance of Money


“We cannot afford to allow our focus in life to be money.  That will not lead us into the abundance we are seeking.  Usually, it will not even lead to financial stability.


Money is important.  We deserve to be paid what we are worth.  We will be paid what we are worth when we believe we deserve to be.  But often our plans fail when our primary consideration is money.


What do we really want to do?  What do we feel lead to do?  What are our instincts telling us?  What do we feel guided to do?  What are we excited about doing? “


– Melody Beattie


We need to seek and pursue the answers above without worrying about the money - they say it will come.



How To Read Artistic Innovation In Fine-Art Oil Paintings

Definition of Innovation
Innovation can be defined as a new way of doing something. A process that may change the way we think about a problem in ways that can be viewed as emergent, radical, or even revolutionary.

Innovators are often referred to as pioneers in a new process of executing an old task. It is the final process that shows the real value in innovation, and the experimental phases and sweat equity leading up the final phase that create what one would call a stroke of genius . . .




Soul Mates

It is funny how the world twists and turns,

creating illusions as if it were meant to be.


Thou our age may differ,

one's soulful shrine cries for the next sunshine connected within thee.


Perhaps it is disillusioned with grandeur,

for could it be.


A nasty trick from the Gods looking down on me.


For is such beauty burning deep from within thee,

birthed specifically for me or to be shared amongst three.




Sandro Botticelli

An annoyed Sandro Botticelli once threatened to crash a large rock onto his neighbors roof in retribution for making too much noise. . . More


Final Word

I often think about the era in life when death stands still - some were between suspension and boredom; a place with a new name.

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