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November News Letter


November 1, 2009                                                              

This Month Painting  The Crab Shack 2

 Click here for detail on how this painting was produced.




Self Port 2005



“Life happens when you are busy making plans”

- John Lennon.

This quote could not be truer.  I have spent shy of fifteen years building a successful software engineering career so when tomorrow comes I can consult half the year and paint full time. 

I look back at my journey and can only ask myself where those years went with respects to creativity, inspiration, and productivity. 

Tomorrow never came.

Jim Morrison once said, Did you have a good world when you died?  Enough to base a movie on?

I asking myself: perhaps now is a good time to start living if I could only figure out how.



Why Blue?

The Absence of Color

After art patrons look at my paintings I always hear "is this your blue period".  This statement is in reference to a phase Pablo Picasso once had.  After a close friend killed himself, Picasso started painting all his paintings in various values of blue. . .





Two hearts collide,

causing the unknown to rip the flesh off your soul.


The other willows and weeps,

while searching thru poetry but not your feet.


Standing still against time,

while bringing death upon your shrine.


I wait for my next sunshine,

to heal my heart and change my mind.


For could it be,

yes it must be,

just a little too late for me.




Jan Van Eyck

Master artist or master cheater?  Modern theorists have claimed that Jan Van Eycks realism was literally done with mirrors: by strategically placing a convex mirror, he could easily trace the forms projected on a wall. . . More


Final Word

It is the innovative ones that carve out a place in history and become immortal. It is a lonely path, but one to be reckoned with.

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