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October News Letter


October, 2010                                                                                     

This Months Highlight  First Place - Centre Gallery - Juried Show

  In September 2010, I won “Best Historical Representation Style” at Centre Gallery in Tampa Florida.


  The judges at this juried show considered my painting technique similar to Vincent Van Gogh. What a great compliment. It was my brush handling and impasto style they took interest in, and not a representation of a post impressionist technique.


  What a great experience.




Self Port 2005



"Not acting when the time is right is a self-defeating behavior. It produces anxiety, guilt, disharmony, and a nagging consciousness of the task that life is telling us it's time to do.

What is past due and creating anxiety and prodding within you? Is there something in life you are avoiding because you don't want to face it? Is anxiety building from putting this off?

If it is time to do something, DO IT.

Trust and listen to YOURSELF."


-Melody Beattie

This sounds so good in theory. It's beautiful how children are not trained to function within our social norms, but as adults this pressure allows fear, disbelief, and anxiety to get the best of this same individual.

What an awful trick played on your soul. Don't you think?



For the past six months I have been focusing on the business side of my painting career. Unfortunately, between work, school, and family, my painting output has suffered.

Luckily, my trip to Carbo San Lucas Mexico back in May was an inspirational one, and I was able to create several location drawings that are now in my studio ready to be painted. Something I’m look forward to doing and showing.

Talk to you soon . . .



Tonal Key and Value Meaning in Paintings

Artists are born with a natural talent of energy. When this talent of energy is harnessed and artistic skills are crafted to control and master the use of this force, artistic works can be produced. It is inspiration that kindles an artist to be motivated to do something with this power, and begin their search.

Artists seek to view an object in ordinary life different than non-artists. This alternative perspective is often just the choice of selecting one reality filter over another. As the following question outlines, is the glass half empty or half full - poses an example of different reality filters. Artists often spend a life time learning the skills required to see various filters within reality . . .




The Morning Post

As the morning Post displays its convictions,

so does my trial amongst fellow addictions.


For such news continues to reflect social change,

my soul is suspended in the abyss judging nothing more than strange.


Once loved and passionate against will,

rise a wrath unknown to nature or throughout the country side bastilles.


For the three faces of eve has never been so sinner,

pain swims in these veins rising to condemn her pinner.


Will love ever again enter these gates and release my fey,

or will the sun rise to express my suicide for the morning Post to make way.





Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio

Caravaggio ordered workmen to pose for him holding a recently buried corpse. When,
overcome by the stench, they dropped the body, the artist drew his dagger and forced
them to resume their stance . . .


Final Word

What does it mean to be lucky? Is luck being at the right place at the right time?


It is your social obligation to be educated and skilled in a craft for when an
unknown but relative opportunity knocks at your door you are ready. This marriage
is how you create your own luck and build your own destiny. Carpe diem.


Ignorance is when one is not educated and skilled in a craft, and you just cannot
see an opportunity in front of you. Luckily you are just smart enough to look out
your window and say now that is someone who is lucky.

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