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Various Perspectives

Today’s blog is about taking down some notes on various perspectives that are used in drawing pictures and underlining paintings. One or more of these techniques can be used in prep work for creating a drawing or painting composition . . .

Why Blue?

The Absence of Color

After art patrons look at my paintings I always hear "is this your blue period".  This statement is in reference to a phase Pablo Picasso once had.  After a close friend killed himself, Picasso started painting all his paintings in various values of blue. . .

How To Read Artistic Innovation In Fine-Art Oil Paintings

Definition of Innovation

Innovation can be defined as a new way of doing something. A process that may change the way we think about a problem in ways that can be viewed as emergent, radical, or even revolutionary.

Innovators are often referred to as pioneers in a new process of executing an old task. It is the final process that shows the real value in innovation, and the experimental phases and sweat equity leading up the final phase that create what one would call a stroke of genius . . .

Artistic Thoughts For Self Awareness

Current Oil Painting Project

I have currently set forth the following goal:
To fully master the concept of value, composition, form, volume, and focal points, without the use of color.

For me, at this time, color does not belong in a painting; it is simply a tool. It is the physical characteristics of the paint, when used correctly in its simplest form that can create the illusion of an object. It is also important to separate the focal point from the composition within the painting. . .

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