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Recommended Biographical Readings

Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio


The Cardsharps


Caravaggio ordered workmen to pose for him holding a recently buried corpse. When, overcome by the stench, they dropped the body, the artist drew his dagger and forced them to resume their stance . . . More

Michelangelo Buonarroti


Sistine Chapel Ceiling


Michelangelo had such repellent body odor that his assistants couldn't

stand working for him . . . More

Albrecht Durer


Knight Death And The Devil


A forerunner to Thomas Kinkade, Albrecht Durer hawked his wares by

designing and producing popular prints that appealed to the masses . . . More

Jan Van Eyck


Arnolfini Portrait


Master artist or master cheater? Modern theorists have claimed that

Jan Van Eycks realism was literally done with mirrors: by strategically

placing a convex mirror, he could easily trace the forms projected

on a wall. . . More

Sandro Botticelli


The Birth Of Venus


An annoyed Sandro Botticelli once threatened to crash a large rock onto

his neighbors roof in retribution for making too much noise. . . . More

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